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Mario Prada Biography

Mario Prada could quite possibly be regarded as an ingenious designer who changed the world as we know it.

In 1913, Prada, then Fratelli Prada, began in Milan, Italy. The leathergoods business sold handbags and steamer trucnks, with an expanding market to England.

In the 1950s, Mario Prada died, but his legacy still lives on today. Miuccia Prada, Mario's granddaughter now heads the Prada industry.

The company that Mario started has become a huge fashion success, and now specializes in many high fashion goods for both men and women, including but not limited to: shoes, handbags, luggage, and leather goods.

Many well known fashion models, actors, and actresses have made Prada a part of their wardrobe.

Since the 90s, Prada has concentrated more on the clothes aspect of their business.

Pradas designs seem to be worn mostly by those who are in their 20s and even those in and past their 30s.

Prada is now internationally known, and now has shops in metropolitan areas such as Las Vegas, Beverly Hills, Waikiki, Boston, Berlin, London, Milan, San Francisco, and others.

Many people buy Prada products for the fact alone that it makes a bold statement.

With its strong sense of self, Prada has definitely made quite the mark.

Prada Handbags

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